• Western Wideout

    Western Wideout

    There’s a Reason It’s Up To 30% More Efficient
    Get an 8′ blade, a 10′ blade, a 9′ scoop/pusher blade, or a windrowing machine all at the touch of a button. The WESTERN® WIDE-OUT™ adjustable-wing snow plow hydraulically transforms to move more snow, no matter what the condition. Up to 30% more. It’s the ultimate in Contractor Grade performance

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  • Western MVP Plus V-Plow

    Western MVP Plus V-Plow

    Push More Snow in Less Time

    When it’s 5:00 am, and you’ve still got three more lots to plow, you’ll appreciate the speed and efficiency of an MVP PLUS™. The MVP PLUS takes V-Plow productivity to a whole new level! So you can get it done and still be back in time for breakfast.

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  • Western Pro-Plow

    Western Pro-Plow

    Stake Your Reputation on It.
    When it comes to your business, taking care of the customers is what it’s all about. Designed for the pros, the WESTERN® PRO-PLOW® has been one of the best-selling commercial straight-blade models for snow plow contractors since its introduction. When they’re counting on you, you can count on the PRO-PLOW.

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  • Western MVP 3

    Western MVP 3

    New Generation in V-Plow Performance…
    The MVP 3™ provides a whole new slant in V-plow performance and durability. From the flared blade design and the standard UltraLock double-acting cylinders, to the patented trip edge design, the MVP 3 provides all the performance features you need for unmatched V-plow productivity.

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  • Western Prodigy

    Western Prodigy

    Multi-Position Winged Plow Productivity. Easy to Operate as a Straight-Blade.
    The all-new PRODIGY™ snow plow features an ingenious patented mechanical wing design that automatically positions its wings to deliver maximum plowing efficiency. Whether in straight-ahead scoop mode or angled for windrowing, it delivers multi-position winged plow productivity in a plow that’s as easy to operate as a straight blade. It’s available for trucks or skid-steer loaders.

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  • Western Impact UTV Plow

    Western Impact UTV Plow

    WESTERN® IMPACT UTV snow plows are professional-grade plows designed and built exclusively for utility vehicles. The tough, 6′ wide v-plow easily adapts to handle 5′ sidewalks and gates in angle, scoop or V mode. The 6′ straight blade is a commercial grade snow plow in a lighter-weight package that fits more UTVs. Now you can have year-round UTV fun and get your winter work done too.

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  • Western Defender Plow

    Western Defender Plow

    When it’s time to conquer the drifts in your driveway, the DEFENDERcompact snow plow can help you clean up like a pro from the comfort of your own vehicle. Just hook it up to your mid-size pickup or SUV and plow your property how you want, when you want.

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