• Adrian Steel

    Adrian Steel

    Let Adrain Steel’s experience work for you: they have upfitted over one million vans in their 60 plus years of business and have leveraged that expertise in engineering their innovative product line. Their strong reputation in the industry is matched only by their resolve to offer the best lead times and highest quality product. Their van storage products are made to last and it shows.

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  • Kargo Master

    Kargo Master

    Kargo Master van shelving storage systems include standard and tall shelving for all types of commercial vans. Van shelving systems can be upgraded with our accessories to maximize your storage spaces. These van partition bulkheads and steel wire window screens can provide security to your van.

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  • Prime Design

    Prime Design

    Prime Design has been the industry’s ergonomic leader since 1992, when we first introduced the concept of an ergonomic ladder rack. Based in West Saint Paul, MN, Prime Design is the leading innovator of ladder storage solutions for fleet vehicles. When loading a ladder, these solutions help reduce back and muscle strain while keeping feet safely on the ground.

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  • Ranger Design

    Ranger Design

    Ranger’s van shelving and bin system is unique in the industry; it combines the strength and rigidity of aluminum extrusions with a solid substrate shelf base, to give a shelf tray that is strong, and very quiet. Shelving and bin units are available in hundreds of different configurations of height, length and shelf depth. Use the application guide to find the shelving units, bin units and Fold-Away shelving that are the perfect application for your next work vehicle.

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  • Weather Guard

    Weather Guard

    WEATHER GUARD. Van Solutions are the trade professional’s choice for up-fitting your commercial van. Why? Because WEATHER GUARD. Van Solutions deliver unmatched organization, productivity, and durability, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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