• Blowers


    Considered an industry leader in performance, durability and selection, RedMax’s handheld and backpack blowers are efficient, powerful and easy to operate.

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  • Brushcutters


    Built to withstand the most difficult clearing jobs from tough grasses and shrubs to dense undergrowth, RedMax brushcutters are the highest caliber professional-commercial duty equipment available.

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  • Edgers


    RedMax edgers are lightweight and efficient, yet tough enough to handle nearly any terrain. Advanced features include MaxTorque cutting to prevent stalling, an open-face, clog-resistant guard made of sturdy aluminum (no plastic here!), vibration dampening for user comfort and extremely dependable component parts.

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  • Gravely Stand-On Mowers

    Gravely Stand-On Mowers

    Quick maneuvering and easy dismounts coupled with intuitive operator features keep you comfortable and in control all day long.


    • 48″ to 52″ cutting widths.
    • Floating Deck
    • Easy to See – While working the simple-to-operate controls, you have an unobstructed view of the terrain from nearly every angle.
    • Easy to Maneuver – A more compact footprint makes it quicker to trim around landscape features, to avoid obstacles and to maneuver in confined spaces.
    • Easy to Control – Comfortably standing makes it easier to shift your weight from side-to-side. This increases mower stability over uneven terrain.
    • Lifetime Warranty on deck and frame.
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  • Gravely Walk-Behind Mowers

    Gravely Walk-Behind Mowers

    Ergonomic controls and lockable or floating deck options make it easy to adapt to any terrain. Choose a walk behind for the precision you need.

    61” and 52” Decks Available

    Key Features

    • Wide wheelbase offers excellent side hill stability.
    • 7-gauge fabricated and welded deck design with 1/4″ reinforced leading edge assures lasting strength and durability.
    • 1/4″ height of cut adjustment ensures a more precise, manicured landscape appearance.
    • Foam-filled front tires eliminate downtime for flat tire repairs.
    • Lifetime Warranty on deck and frame.
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  • Gravely Zero Turn Mowers

    Gravely Zero Turn Mowers

    Designed for all-day comfort and unbeatable productivity. Choose one of our extremely durable zero turn mowers and be the master of your terrain.

    460, 260, 160 and 152 Models Available

    Key Features

    • Multiple models with cutting widths from 52 to 66 inches.
    • The ZT-5400 integrated pump and wheel motor transmission has 89% fewer leak points that minimizes maintenance.
    • A larger, more comfortable operator zone with rubber-isolated foot platform, fully adjusted controls and larger diameter steering arms with vibration isolators reduce operator fatigue.
    • 7-gauge fabricated and welded X-FACTOR® deck design assures lasting performance and durability including a 1/2″ wear bar integrated into the deck and two additional gussets guard against leading edge or baffle bending.
    • Lifetime Warranty on deck and frame.


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  • Hedge Trimmers

    Hedge Trimmers

    RedMax offers an extensive line of powerful, environmentally-friendly hedge trimmers engineered for outstanding performance in any environment.

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  • Sprayers


    RedMax offers premium commercial-duty sprayers that can handle the most demanding conditions.

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  • Trimmers


    RedMax’s line of heavy-duty, commercial-grade trimmers can clear, trim or edge multiple acreage estates with ease.

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